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Guide for Lights rated for IP


For commercial and green room lighting, it is important to look at the issues of energy efficiency and installation in a perfect manner. By looking at the IP rating, a perfect option can be chosen. Lights rated for IP can be considered as a best possible option. Through a guide, you may able to know all about this option. The definition must be looked at on the occasion too. Function and application of the bright lamp must be looked before making a choice. LED illuminating option has been considered the best for the industrial setting.

IP Ratings

Through the IP code, you may able to come across International Protection Marking that has been often recognised with the term Ingress Protection. Degree for sealing protection can be known in the process. Electrical enclosure or mechanical casing helps to decide about the sealing protection without any doubt. The illuminating objects are secured from droplets, foreign condensation, full submission and direct spray in the process.
Ingress Protection has been considered as a benchmark that must be maintained by the industrial organisation. In case of the everyday device, use of these kinds of standard can be beneficial.

What is decided through the numbers?

Two digits are generally noticed with the Ingress protection code. The level of protection is generally showcased with these codes. In the case of European standard, you may observe the use of EN along with some digits for rating. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a system of international classification. Uses of these classifications are usually seen in the case of electrical equipment.
First Digit: Through the digits you may able to know whether you are protected against moving parts or not. Intrusion of foreign object may not be able to affect the enclosure at the time

Second Digit: Inside the enclosure, the equipment can be protected also. It especially offers security against moisture that may be seen due to submersion, spraying and dripping.

Required Ingress Protection for illuminating objects

High Bay fixture with metal halide that comes with the power of 400 watts can be replaced easily with LED lights. Characteristics of illumination objects can be showcased in the process too.

Special protection may not found with the figure 0. Through the digits 1 and 2, you may able to get security with a solid object that is greater than 50mm and 12 mm in terms of diameter. The decrease in the amount of diameter size can be noticed with the increase in the numbers like 3 and 4. On the occasion, it can be 2.5mm and 1 mm in diameter. Security against dust can be found with the digit of 5 and 6. Protection against moisture can be showcased through the second digit of rating.
Protection against the solid object of about 12mm can be found through IP20. Dust ingress can be offered in the process too. In spite of continuous immersion within water that is unfathomable about 100cm, protection can be offered. Illumination option for the pond and pool can be offered. The exterior option can be found in the process too. Security can be obtained from water jet with low pressure from every possible direction also.

For outdoor setting, the number 65 has been preferred. It is especially seen for a location with a temperate climate especially. Low rating can be observed in some occasions also. However, these options can be used for Mediterranean climate only. It may not be effective for the locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A further drop to 44 can be expected for the areas at roof and patio.
For bathrooms, you may look at the code also. It is important to thing about the zone also. Generally, four zones can be noticed in the process. They are Zone 0 to Zone 3. Each zone comes with a specification.


From extreme circumstances, protection can be offered. These illuminating options are very durable. For both outdoor and indoor, use of these options can be noticed. Mostly, a range between 44 and 68 can be noticed. Complete protection is ensured at every possible occasion. Shatter resisting options can be installed for an unprotected area also. Models of lamps must be selected with care. The requirement must be given optimum amount of importance at the time. Issues may not be seen in the future at all.

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